Saw Star Wars (A New Hope) in a theater this afternoon for the first time in a couple of decades. It was the “updated” digital version with the CGI Jabba at Mos Eisley, etc. but fun to see with two of my boys, plus a bunch of cheering strangers.

Big day: three kids in two different track meets (with one securing a place at the state meet), two kids in music recitals, visiting a couple of graduation open houses, and then a couple of kids at sleepovers, including at our house. Someday they’ll all be gone and I’ll be bored, but today is not that day.

The water is up about 4 feet from normal at the cabin, so glad got a chance to see whether moving the unneeded dock sections was as easy as the marketing materials indicated. (Spoiler: it was pretty simple)

Last Ski Meet of 2019

Congratulations to my oldest son, Henry, who just returned from a very successful week of skiing in Anchorage, Alaska at the U.S. Junior National championships.

We didn’t attend in person, but were able to follow via a livestream broadcast (when my wife wasn’t too nervous to watch!).

My oldest, Henry, finished 9th in the Minnesota State High school cross country meet today. Nice day, great race. 74BD8298-C1A5-4837-9C7D-4D58A30A2F8C.jpg E1590207-E97E-4453-9327-554B164F0858.jpg

Great day for the Minnesota State Fair.

Great DevOps Minneapolis meetup topic tonight with Ian Malpass (@indec) presenting “Clouds with Silver Linings - Maximizing Leaning from Incidents”. Lots of practical experience and lessons from @stitchfix. Thanks to @SPS_Commerce for hosting and @Travelers for the refreshments.

My take on the WWDC announcements: All in all, quite practical and useful. Looking forward to the parental controls, especially, to see how they are implemented.

I’m ready for some football! 🏈

Procrastinated a bit today by putting together this playlist of The Bad Plus’ self-proclaimed favorite songs: 🎵